This is where I talk about what teams and gymnasts I like right? Well, basically all of them. UCLA, USA, Romania, etc. etc.

I made some posts of the difficulties for the 2013-2016 COP. (minus bars) Links below.
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I feel like, in some alternate universe, Kyla has a layout to two feet on beam and it’s gorgeous.



Do you still recognise them?

I think the first one is Zeng siqi lol.

She’s selling makeup and skincare now. 

And this, children, is why you should never admit to yourself that you like a Chinese gymnast. Because the second you do, they will fall. And not just once.

I just… REALLY?? 

  • Biles + punch front is something I’d be interested in seeing, just to see what it would look like.
  • She isn’t doing a 1/1 DLO because she gets lost in the air? Not because she already has F, G, and H level skills in her routine??? Eventually, her routine is just gonna be triple double, double double, 1/1 DLO, Biles. Because why the fuck not?


LAST NIGHT’S VIDEO which I couldn’t upload LAST NIGHT because I fell asleep in the middle of doing it. My voice sounds 90000 times deeper than usual!? idk it has some funny moments but is legit 10 mins long.

"And she’s pointing at.. Satan."

I am so fucking done with you, Lauren. xD


Liking Ashton’s P&G Leo! (x)

Guys look at the fucking house I’m staying in all week! Can’t escape the hot pink! Pink is love pink is life.


Sae Miyagawa - 2014 Japanese Nationals
Love this girl’s first pass especially her form on the gorgeous double front which is almost as great as American gymnast Ivana Hong’s:)and she could also tumble a high double layout as her last pass:)

PS:As a junior gymnast,Sae is selected to represent Japan at the Youth Olympics this year, really hope she can win a gold medal on this event :)

I finally updated the old Valeri shirt I made… Because let’s be real. We know who the real top dog is now.



I feel like we all need a little Laurent Landi appreciation