This is where I talk about what teams and gymnasts I like right? Well, basically all of them. UCLA, USA, Romania, etc. etc.

I made some posts of the difficulties for the 2013-2016 COP. (minus bars) Links below.
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I guess Kyla and Mykayla didn’t get the matching memo

That shade of blue is so damn gorgeous, ugh! I’d love for them to use it in an EF leo.


Simone is a precious goofball


if yao doesn’t get ub gold this year i will be so upset


wait what’s the schedule for worlds?

All I want in life is to love another arena as much as I loved Beijing’s…

She lands those landings like its nothing!


In celebration of this crazy sport that I can’t even begin to describe. Getting back has been one long, hard journey, but it feels good to be back. #HappyNationalGymnasticsDay


Anonymous asked: Do you have any leo edits/gifs coming up?

I had actually just started screwing around with a new leo… then the charger port of my laptop broke. So I am without my computer and having to use the one we’ve had for like 7 years and has been absolute shit for 6 1/2. 

So whenever the hell my computer comes back, that leo will hopefully end up working out and I’ll post it. And as for gifs, I still have some that I started back in like February that I just avoid working on lmao!

And as for that anon I got last week about if I’m gonna watch the Asian Games, I doubt my computer will be back in time, and this computer is so awful, I doubt any streams would work…

We’ve got some A+ leo coordination going on at camp.

  • Simone: *does a standing full at the top of her stairs, falls down every step, and flies out of a window onto a rabid fox* "Ow! I bruised my pinky toe!"
  • 95% of other gymnasts: *sneezes... Left eye pops out, flies across the room, bounces back, hits her in the forehead and makes her fall backward, resulting in a concussion.*