This is where I talk about what teams and gymnasts I like right? Well, basically all of them. UCLA, USA, Romania, etc. etc.

I made some posts of the difficulties for the 2013-2016 COP. (minus bars) Links below.
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Anonymous asked: Could you dish out on McKaylas and Kylas family as well? They both seem pretty well-off to me, especially McKayla, but I don't really have any information on it.


Yeah, they’re definitely well-off, but I don’t know what their parents do. Kyla’s dad is really hot so he probably gets money just for being the hottest man alive. Like Jesus probably floats down money to him from the sky. If I were Jesus that’s what I’d do.


what if Kyla’s totally been working on awesome upgrades for months now

but they know how impatient we are to see so whenever it’s time to release training videos Marta just says “show the the old skills again. let them suffer a bit longer.”

She’s totally gonna bust out a double arabian half out beam dismount, because she just found the regular old bhs - arabian combo too damn easy.


Here’s hoping we get to see her compete this next year! (x)

*sighs heavily*

Remember that one time McKayla did a double arabian + stag…?

All I want in life is for someone to do a floor routine with Frug choreo. Like imagine Kyla or Brenna doing The Frug… I would die.

Totally found Nush’s cartoon doppelganger, Nadine from Hey Arnold!

Anonymous asked: Do you think Nica could get a spot on the team? I mean when she hits, her bars and beam both score well..


Nica is actually my secret hope for the bars/beam spot. I said a year ago that she is literally the PERFECT specialist. If only she could hit her events consistently! There’s definitely a mental block there, which is too bad, because I think she’s the only true UB/BB specialist among the seniors (I don’t consider Kyla a specialist since she’s a strong AAer whereas Nica’s SV is lower on floor and she can’t vault more than a 1.5). She was THE best junior bar worker last year which is why it was a shame she fell on day two…it would actually be great if she dropped VT/FX and just worked as a specialist because I really think she’d have a spot no problem if she could hit every time. Like, Kocian is beautiful on UB but struggles on BB and Baumann is the exact opposite, so neither is really a specialist on both events, but then there’s Nica and she’s awesome but gets so head-casey.


Katelyn Ohashi is back in the gym!

My messy bun is in the process of coming back.. 


It’s 4:30 am but I really feel like sharing the fact that I made a gym website and I want it to be the best gym website on the interwebz with brilliant content AND a message board full of really cool people because there are either message boards OR content sites, no one ever combines it, aside from IG kind of but that board is so separate from that site and that site doesn’t ever have the best content aside from interviews SO LET’S GET TOGETHER and make this the best site IN THE WORLD. I have LOTS of good people involved, will definitely look for MORE good people, the content is gonna be really cool once we get into it (the pieces up now are kind of filler to get started but in the future think Broadway World meets Buzzfeed meets my tumblr), and I think if we get all of the smart, crazy, passionate fans who really love the sport, we can definitely make The Gymternet the cool kids table.