This is where I talk about what teams and gymnasts I like right? Well, basically all of them. UCLA, USA, Romania, etc. etc.

I made some posts of the difficulties for the 2013-2016 COP. (minus bars) Links below.
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Seriously, tho, Sam HAS to come back next season now. Not making team or beam finals is not an acceptable ending for her career. She needs to end in a blaze of glory aka throwing that fucking back full in beam finals again.

Someone asked why I knew bones and shit even tho I never learned it in school…

Gymnastics. Gymnasts getting injured, that’s why.

Anonymous asked: thoughts on gabbys comeback?

I find myself slowly becoming more and more excited about it. Especially with Chow saying the desire and readiness to work are there. It’s basically gone like this for me..

  • Gabby in LA: lol ok 
  • Gabby moving back: oh she must be taking it pretty seriously to leave her family again
  • Chow’s recent interviews: stop it Chow, you’ll get my hopes up and then they’ll get crushed

I’m just very excited to see what more time with Chow, and her confidence in her gymnastics after winning the biggest title in the sport will do for her, especially on beam and bars. 

"Her attitude was very wonderful. She was a little rusty, of course. But the attitude, the working, has never left."

"I was a little bit nervous before I saw her, because there were so many questions," Chow said, smiling. "I feel like I know what I’m doing and what we need to do for the next steps."

(via KZB’s Instagram)

Three cheers for gymnasts with decent fashion sense!


15.025 (6.1) for Kyla’s beam

And this is why I don’t pull my hair out worrying about her.

Anonymous asked: Kyla's DLO is starting to worry me a tiny tiny bit. I'm worried she's getting too tall for it now. So proud of Ebee with that bars routine though!

Maybe. Endurance worries me more tho. Because she is capable of doing it well still like in Jesolo. She’s been having problems with landings in Canada in general tho. Idk, I’m waiting until Classics/Nats to start really worrying.

Now that I’ve seen the routine, I don’t think it was just the DLO that was the problem, she had some handstand issues and in general was just moving very slowly. At least after this, she’ll have some rest from competition.

Anonymous asked: Do you think Norah could up grade her layout on beam to a full?

I hope so, if she did, it would probably be really nice. I think they only potential problem would be how tiny she is lol. Wasn’t Shawn rumored to be training a full during her comeback? And their layouts are pretty similar I feel.

Kyla’s wearing the red quals leo! <3