This is where I talk about what teams and gymnasts I like right? Well, basically all of them. UCLA, USA, Romania, etc. etc.

I made some posts of the difficulties for the 2013-2016 COP. (minus bars) Links below.
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Every time a gymnast is asked to “walk us through the day/routines”, I want to headbutt the interviewer.

I love how Ashton said “Like, skill by skill…?” in her Gymnastike video.

Oh… well I can honestly say I never expected this from Catherine… (x)

In case you were wondering, Swaggie Nichols is still slaying (x)

Stahhhhp! I am so done with them.. (x) (x)

Guys, it’s spreading like a plague! The most wonderful and joyful plague ever! The day Kyla no longer does this choreo will be a very sad day in the gymnastics world… (x)


A source tells me that Kyla wen’t back to her room after last night’s competition, put on a wig, and blasted this til 3 a.m.  100% trustworthy source btw.

See guys! She lived and she learned it!


Oh Texas dreams

Chris was totally that kid in school who was really weird, but too funny for anyone to dislike/make fun of.

do you ever just want to press mykayla to a wall with an iron
to show her what a straight body line is
my-bff-nastia omg ←

Protip: If your favorite falls tonight and makes you feel down, just imagine Marta in the hotel lobby getting severely turnt.